What is Flash?

You probably use it like thousands of people worldwide every day, but you don’t know it by name: Flash. The popular file format opens access to a world that is entitled Web 2.0. We will introduce you to Flash and explain why it may have disappeared in a few years.


Farmville on Facebook, the nice browser games, advertisements and even some websites are programmed with Flash. Numerous online tools also use the format. The advantage of this is that it allows a variety of designs and can therefore be used for various purposes.

Flash was introduced by Adobe. The company also provides extensions with which you can equip your browser. The browser can then recognize Flash files and allows you to work with them. Flash files are integrated into websites using the HTML programming language.

Flash is described by many as outdated, partly because it is difficult to use on mobile devices. Here it consumes too many resources and offers too few possibilities for application to the smartphone functions, moreover no touch screen is supported. Portals such as YouTube are increasingly using HTML5. This is developing as an increasing alternative to Flash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create my own Flash files?

You can also create Flash files. The best known program for this is Flash Professional. The Adobe application allows you to create your own Flash files, but also supports HTML5 content. We recommend an additional guide book in order to use the functions of Flash Professional effectively.

How long will Flash be on the market?

Flash is gradually being pushed out of the market by the increasing use of mobile devices. However, compared to HTML5 and Flash, 80 percent of the content is still Flash. How quickly this figure will change will depend on future Flash updates and the behavior of thousands of developers worldwide.

Why isn’t Flash content available on the iPad or iPhone?

Apple refuses to bring Flash to iOS devices. The reason for this is a high consumption of resources, which causes the battery performance to decrease considerably, but also the lack of support for touchscreens.

Why should I update my Flash Player?

You should always update Flash Player as it allows some connections directly to your system. If security holes are found, hackers can use them to infiltrate viruses and Trojans. By downloading the update, the vulnerability is closed and you can surf safely again.